Laser Engraving Vs Traditional Etched Engraving


Laser cutting is an innovation which utilizes this light to cut materials and is utilized normally to produce applications in the businesses. Numerous specialists alongside private companies and schools are likewise starting to utilize this innovation. This cutting system goes for coordinating high power yield of the glimmer by a PC at a material that must be cut.

Holding work in position and no sullying

One of the fundamental points of interest in utilizing a laser shaper machine is that the work-piece is held right in position. This is a significant legitimacy this strategy offers over mechanical cutting. Holding is precisely put and it is likewise simpler. The cuts that are made by the laser machine are greatly exact and don’t require excessive time. Or maybe, the aggregate proceeds of cutting has turned out to be less demanding as well as the undertaking is refined at a much lower time. Contrasted with traditional machines of cutting cuts by glimmers don’t have any sort of direct contact with the work-piece so that there is no defilement of material.

No distorting and is adaptable

Essential focal points of utilizing a Laser machine incorporates that, in this cutting procedure the warmth that the zone is subjected to, is little. This very advantages on the grounds that there is the decrease in odds of the material being twisted. In the greater part of the customary procedures, there are tremendous measures of warmth produced that turns materials ill-defined. The measure of vitality utilized for this glimmer procedure is likewise nearly lesser to any innovation of plasma cutting even. It tends to be utilized for cutting a large group of materials like certain metals, plastic, elastic, wood, and clay. This is additionally a standout amongst the most adaptable strategies for slicing or etching complex to straightforward outlines on a bit of work.

Best utilization of room and lower accidents

There are many assembling units that one may discover, with space imperatives. Accordingly, introducing such machines that utilization glimmers can be an impeccable though. Truth be told, actually, the machines have in excess of one glimmer which can do a lot of work which is comparable to work done by a few machines. Since it is altogether controlled by PC programs in this way the labor sum is spared significantly. As this system does not require any sort of human association with the exception of trials and repairs, you can be guaranteed a lessened number of wounds or mischances occurring amid work.

Productivity is higher

The machine productivity is much high and the reproductions acquired from the required outline are ideal duplicates of one another. Gaps with little distance across including nature of good edge and complex detail in box segment, tube, plate, and the sheet can be accomplished consummately. The expense of assembling is lessened to the vast degree and it is essentially perfect for cutting items that are light metallic.


Material thereafter, either overwhelmed by a gas fly, vaporizes or consumes in this way leaving an edge that has a surface complete of high caliber. Modern Laser cutters are utilized for cutting materials of level sheets and also materials with channeling and structure. It has turned into a critical piece of the assembling procedure. These are the offer of benefits.


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Engraving is not easy, it takes time and patience to get it right and even with a laser engraver, and so much can go wrong. The trouble is that far too many people don’t think about learning how it all works so that they can get the results they want. However, laser engravers are fantastic tools for those who want to set up a little engraving business at home or who just want to tackle some crafts projects. There has never been a better time to look at using a laser engraver and you can find the advantages to be very useful indeed. Read on to find just a few simple advantages of using laser engravers.

No Loud Noise Associated With Laser Cutting

It can be very distracting to have a loud machine going off while you are trying to concentrate and for most, they end up making a real mess of it! However, with a laser engraver machine, it’s not as loud as you would think. Really, you can find with a simple tool as the engraver, you can get the job done without being blasted out by unnecessary loud machines going off. Yes, there may be some level of noise but not as bad as you might think. That will make all the difference to say the least!

Good Engraving Precision

You want engraving which is easy to read and precise otherwise, all that hard work will have gone to waste! It is really quite important to take the time to stop and think about how good your engravings really are! With the laser engraver you can get a nice and precise engraving which makes your items look far more attractive. That is why there are now so many who are using these machines and they really are some of the best options too. It’s easy to use such tools and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them either.

Easy To Learn How to Use

For most people, they don’t know how to use a laser engraving machine and that’s understandable as these machines are fairly modern. However, if you need to learn, it’s easy! Really, you don’t need to spend hours trying to get the engraver to work and with a few simple lessons; you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to work on whatever you are engraving. It’s time to think about learning how to use them and it will be really easy too. You will enjoy using the laser engraver machine as it’s a great and very simple tool to get your head around.

Get the Results You Want

When you have issues with engraving, it can be important to look at tools which offer the very best and with an engraver machine you could end up with professional results. That will make all the difference in the world and it will certainly enable you to get the results you want without putting in too much time or effort. There has never been a better time to look into such tools and you will find them to be very useful. A laser engraver is a fantastic tool you can use to your advantage.

Fiber Lasers – Advantages and Designs Used in Their Manufacture


Fiber lasers are relevant in amplifying light. They work on the principle of using optical fibers that are added to other materials most especially rare-earth halides. The latter is used as the lasing medium in the process. The concepts behind these types of lasers are somewhat the same as those of laser diodes and gas lasers.

Fiber Optic

With the aid of fiber optics, laser beams are delivered. This deviates from traditional systems like those that rely upon optic resonators and the so-called beam delivery method. With the use of the more modern technologies in fiber optics, fiber lasers avoid controversies on contamination, alignment and maintenance. The different applications for the product include material processing, medicine, spectroscopy and telecommunications. There are a lot of advantages of using these lasers when compared to other types. The designs of these industrial products are varied as well. Learn more about these facts.

Five main advantages

There are five main advantages of using fiber lasers over other media. First is the fact that the light is joined to a very flexible fiber. This allows the fiber to freely move in laser cutting, folding and welding of several metals and polymers.

The next advantage is its capacity to provide extensive power output that can extend for several miles long thus resulting in higher optical gains too. The third benefit can be seen in its optical quality as it prevents or eliminate problems on the optical path’s thermal distortion. This, in turn, produces an optical beam that is of very high quality. The fourth advantage its compactness when compared to either gas or rod lasers. This makes it able to save space too. Lastly, they are reliable because they are stable even when there is vibration. Furthermore, there is no need to make a lot of turnkey operations.

Laser design

There are two laser designs for fiber lasers. The first one makes use of double-clad fibers that are highly favoured in the fiber laser industry. Such manufacturing design is termed as such because the fiber core is surrounded by two cladding layers. The core is where the lasing mode propagates while the inner layer of the clad is where the beam of light pumps and spreads. It is in the outer cladding where the pumped light is confined.

The second design is known as power scaling. This manufacturing technique is termed as such because it construes with the recent developments introduced in the world of fiber laser technology. These are available commercially together with the market of fibers and the different components in the process.


Most laser marking techniques involve either engraving the mark into metal or plastic components or ablating a surface layer to reveal a contrasting material underneath. Both processes usually require high energy pulsed laser systems and of course involve process debris. Fiber lasers are now a robust industrial tool with a unique series of capabilities that enable a wide range of precision materials processing manufacturing methods.

Laser Cutter

A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter

If there’s one tool that’s coveted by makerspaces more than another, it should be the laser cutter. These high-precision machines can produce both useful and beautiful items. Their versatility allows anyone with access to one to go into production along with his or her designs quickly.

Go to your local indie craft reasonable, and I wager you will discover laser-cut jewellery. Build stores are stocked packed with laser-cut scrapbooking items. Even big-box stores are not animmune system to the awesomeness of laser cutter machine, offering laser-cut window curtains, holiday ornaments, fittings, and more.

Laser Cutter Skills

The energy of the laser cutter comes from its potential to minimise through a variety of materials with high detail. Drag-knife cutters — like those on art cutters and vinyl fabric cutters — can’t permeate hard and solid materials, while a laser can slice through them like butter. Moreover, a CNC router has trouble creating ultra-sharp details (think about reducing a letter V: the outside edges can be minimised away sharply with overlapping passes, but the fundamental point can only be as pointy as the diameter of your router little). A laser’s beam is so narrow that it can give you that specific detail.

Building buildings with laser-cut parts have turned into a sharp practice. Plugins to automatically create boxes are for sale to the popular vector graphics application Inkscape, making it a snap to make a circumstance for a job.

If you are buying atool that can broaden your boundaries, a laser cutter has a world of opportunities. Buying your first laser cutter machinecan be considered a daunting challenge, particularly if you are budget-minded. Let this overview of three different types guide you on the way.

Buying Your First Laser Cutter

With high electric power comes great charge, but here are three entry-level options that will have you beaming.

Epilog Laser

Epilog is the gold standard if you are searching for a high-quality, user-friendly laser cutter. Two big advantages: Epilog’s print driver makes the procedure of mailing your designs to the machine quick and painless, and special air-cooled laser tubes made by Epilog decrease the hassles and potential dangers of this liquid-cooled competition. The convenience does not come cheap though; the Zing series, they are most affordable, starts at only under $8,000 for a 30-watt, 16’x12’laser engraver.

Full Spectrum Laser

Full Spectrum Laser beam began by importing Chinese lasers, tuning them up, and rebranding them for American sales. In an attempt to increase consistency and simplicity, FSL decided to create their laser cutter system and released the H-Series. To lessen thecost, the H-Series skips an adaptable bed — instead, you change the laser concentrate by moving the final lens assembly.

Chinese Imports

Brought in laser cutters are so popular, they are almost a brand name themselves. If you are on a budget or looking for the largest bang for your buck, they are simply a great option. You might find machines as cheap as $400 on eBay, but expect to pay $1,000 or even more for a good cutter, depending on mods and software updates you will need to make. Anticipate to swap out small submersible pushes intended to use buckets for glowing chillers, and also to upgrade your ventilation system. The bundled software typically offers an inferior individual experience, but that is something you can learn to work around — especially with the savings laser cutter machine.

The Best Laser Cutter Machines On the Market Today


Whether you’re looking to use a laser cutter machine for professional purposes, or you’re just looking for a quirky way of engraving items as a hobby in your spare time, you’re in luck – there are plenty of options out there for you!

Listed below are some of the best laser cutter machines on the market today.


This laser cutter offers a complete all in one package. Straight from the off it’s ready to go, as it comes built in with all the necessary software to facilitate its functions.

This device is a laser engraver machine, meaning it prioritizes quality over speed, using its one step motor to achieve a detailed and smooth finish to many surfaces. Whilst it’s primarily intended for engraving wood, it has no problem handling marble, and even some light sheet metal at higher wattages.

It’s laser energy can be adjusted to your preference giving you unique control over your engraving needs, and it also has two double doors that can be pulled out, granting access to more of the machine and allowing for larger items that need engraved to be placed inside.

It boasts an exceptional lifetime, it’s CO2 tube lasting for over 3000 hours of continued use, and its water-coolant system can last indefinitely under the condition you maintain it, and replace the water as necessary.

It’s a relatively cheap device compared so some others out there – but it’s still a completely viable options if you’re wanting to take your engraving seriously with reliable quality every time.


If you’re looking to use your engraver for metal specifically, it’s best to move away from machines that use a CO2 tube, as they simply won’t achieve the consistently high standards you’ll be looking for without unreliable chemical intervention.

Instead you’ll need a fiber laser cutting machine. This particular machine boasts a speed that’s 3 to 5 times faster than the industry standard at 800 characters per second. If you’re looking for speed and reliability, this comes in at gold standard.

Not only that, but it’s USB port means that you can plug it into your laptop, and transfer over models and designs from there, using a number of different supported modelling software applications.  It’s usability in relation to its sophistication is something you’ll rarely see in other devices on the market.

Epilog Zing Laser Series

This compact high quality laser cutter machine series is the perfect thing if you’re looking to try out engraving at affordable prices – whether you’re looking to do it for home, or start up a small business, this machine can handle the demands.

It’s sleek and lightweight nature means it doesn’t take up too much space in the home or in the office, and its CO2 tube based design means it can handle woods exceptionally, as well as some marbles or PVC’s.

It also provides an extremely helpful air assist, which continually streams air over the surface of the item you’re engraving, removing imperfections and clearing access for the engraver.

This serves as a fantastic starter machine, that will last an exceptionally long time as you begin to grow and expand your business or hobby. Better show in this video.

Whether you’re looking for the speed of a laser cutter or the precision and finesse of a laser engraver, you can find something that’s exactly tailored to your needs. With these amazing machines, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a veteran in the world of engraving!

Another up and coming laser cutter technology company is  They are significantly less expensive and offer higher cutting power with respectable engraving quality.  If you are price sensitive then Boss Laser may be a better option.



Laser Cutter

An Inside Look at CNC Machining

The reason why CNC tools are so effective is due to their accuracy, efficiency and productivity. A CNC laser cutter machine is relatively easy to keep up and running upon initial setup. Even the work piece loading process has been automated in some companies. Most of the time CNC operators are required to complete other tasks related to the operations of the CNC. Some of these tasks include measuring work pieces and making adjustments to keep the machine running at maximum efficiency.

An Inside Look at CNC Machining

Most people you talk to in your life will never have even heard of the term CNC machining before. Little do they know that the CNC process has probably touched their life in one way or another. If you work in manufacturing, it is more likely that you have heard of the term and you’ll most likely be dealing with a CNC at some point. Everything that an operator is able to do with conventional machine tools is programmable with a CNC laser cutter machine. Next we take a closer look at CNC machines and their operations.

An Inside Look at CNC Machining

With CNC touching so many aspects of manufacturing and large fabrication, many machining processes now incorporate the use of CNC. We now take a look at how CNC machining affects the world of metal removal and metal fabrication. When removing metal the processes of facing, boring, turning, grooving, knurling, and threading are done with CNC turning centers. There are many variations of these machines which include, CNC milling machines, CNC drill and tap centers, and CNC lathes. Outside diameter grinding and internal diameter grinding would be completed on CNC grinders.

If a CNC could only move a work piece in two directional axes its functionality would be severely limited. This is why almost all CNC machines are programmed to operate in several other ways. The actual machine type has to do with its programmable accessories as well. Some of these accessories include the following: An automatic tool changer allows the tool to be automatically placed in the spindle when machining. The speed of the spindle can easily be specified and the spindle can be turned in two directions. In addition, many machining operations must have coolant for lubrication purposes.

When using CNC in association to metal fabrication, think of a metal filing cabinet. All of the initial components are made of steel sheets. These sheets are sheared to a certain size and holes are placed in specific locations. The sheets are then formed to their final shapes. Many CNC-like procedures are now used for processes that describe a series of movements and operations. Some of these include laser cutting, welding, friction stir welding, ultrasonic welding, plasma cutting, forming, and fabric cutting, routing and even sawing.

Learn more about CNC laser cutter machine from the Internet and learn to compare their products and each uses and benefits so that you already have an idea before buying it. Most buyers do some reviews about machining which can be found on online forum and website. You can find more information here Check yours now and enjoy using a laser cutter machine today!  Alternatively, check out these prices for cnc laser machines from boss laser as well as news updates on Twitter.

CNC Operators or Programmers Rules Before Running Any CNC Machine

CNC Operators or Programmers Rules Before Running Any CNC Machine

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operators are responsible for any CNC laser cutter machine crash when they are in operation. Crashes happen frequently on the shop floor and are often catastrophic and costly. Accidents are usually due to the lack of skilled CNC Operators or well-trained CNC Operators within the manufacturing industry.

Crashes are often due to the following errors caused by the CNC Operators:

– Lack understanding of CNC motion in use
– Lack understanding of Spindle travel reference
– Lack understanding of CNC coordinates
– Lack understanding of Zero position
– Lack understanding of CNC axes travel limits

Here are few tips to help you to quickly check before running any CNC to manufacture a part.

– As a CNC Operator, you are responsible for the result after completing the process in the manufacturing of a particular part from the part print to the CNC program and finally the CNC motion. These steps must be accurately checked and rechecked to avoid any error slipping through.

CNC Operators or Programmers Rules Before Running Any CNC Machine

– All CNC laser cutter machines are designed for several applications such as turning, milling, grinding and drilling. But all CNC machines have two or more directions of movement or axis, this means the more axis the machine has the more complex the CNC machine, hence a 3-axis milling machine is considered to be less complex than a 5-axis milling machine.

– A CNC Operator is responsible for placing the part onto the table and making sure the setting of XYZ axis’ to datum are recorded and stored into work offset registry (i.e. G54 TO G59 in Haas machines) this will enable the part that’s being manufactured to be located at any point within the table by simply setting the x and y value to zero then the machine to zero (i.e G28 or G29 in a Haas machine).

– A CNC Operator must understand that even though the table moves when the part is being manufactured the motion of the machine is always measured from the spindle view not from the table view. Hence we must always refer to the spindle center point location when taking measurement.

– A CNC Operator must not confuse between the two coordinates systems (i.e. the machine coordinates systems and the work coordinates systems). The machine coordinates system is set by the manufacturer of that particular machine and cannot be changed and is within the machine itself. It is, therefore, the reference coordinate system from which all else is referenced. The location of XYZ machine origin within the laser cutter machine may be different depending on the machines manufacturers. Hence it is advised to check the machine manufacturer’s catalog for precise instructions.

– Zero position, this command zero all axis i. e homing the machine, this command returns all axes to their limited position. The order of the axis movement is set by the machine manufacturers. It must be noted that each machine has different methods to be Home. Again you must refer to the machines manual guide provided by the manufacturer of that machine.

A CNC Operator or Programmer must know the total limits that each laser cutter machine axis is allowed to move; in general this depends on the manufacturer of the machine. However, a skilled CNC Operator or Programmer can easily identify these parameters as they decide the fate of the manufacturing process. For more details and information continue reading here

CNC Machine Basics

CNC Machine Basics

Variables on the operation of CNC laser cutter machines will vary from one CNC type to another. CNC machines are available is several different types. Anything from lathe machines to water jet machines, so the mechanics of each different machine will be different; however, the basics work primarily for all the different CNC machine types.

CNC machine basics should be called benefits. The benefits of a CNC laser cutter machine are the same for each machine as it is for every company who owns one. Computer-aided technology is a wonderful thing. A CNC machine offers that benefit to its owners. Intervention by the worker is needed less, as the machine does all of the work once the software is programmed to the specifications desired. The machine will continue to run until the process is complete, all completely unmanned. This frees up the worker to perform other tasks if necessary.

CNC laser cutter machines offer these benefits:

o Fewer mistakes caused by human error
o Consistent machining each and every time
o Precise machining each and every time
o Reduced operator fatigue, if any at all
o Frees up the operator to perform other tasks
o Speeds up production
o Reduces waste
o Skill levels to operate machine is lower (must know how to program the software)

Overall here’s just a few of the benefits that CNC machines have to offer. Keep in mind that the benefits are also relative to the type of CNC machine that’s being operated and the tooling it’s equipped with.

CNC Machine Basics

Switching from the production of one product to another is very simple and can save the business a lot of time. In the past it could have taken a day to several days to set a machine up to make the proper cuts that are needed for the order. Now, with the CNC machines, set up time is drastically reduced. It’s pretty much as simple as loading a different software program.

CNC laser cutter machines operate not only through a computer software program; they are motion controlled and operate on several different axis’ depending upon the type of the machine. The CNC lathe machine operates on the X and Y axis unlike the 5 axis machines that are now available on the market. The more axes that the machine operates on, the more delicate and precise the cuts; the more creative you can become in your projects, and the more you can offer fabrication services. The CNC machines can pretty much do it all without human intervention other than through the use of the computer software.

No more hand wheels and joy sticks causing the motion those most machining tools require. Now, the computer, through the software program, instructs the machine on what exactly to do and the machine continues to perform until the specifications or guidelines have been reached, upon which time it discontinues operation for that sheet of material. The human intervention that is needed with a CNC laser cutter machine is the programming. Programming for the machines is written in sentence like structures that are in G-code. This code tells the different axis’ what to do and completely controls all aspects of the laser cutter machine.

Alternatively, many shops also utilize a laser cutter along with their cnc router.  They are typically easier to operate and offer much greater precision.  If you’re interested check out the laser cutting retailer: Boss Lasers.