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We will provide a simple and economical way to choose and buy a casket. Our caskets are individually handcrafted from solid wood and can be custom tailored to reflect the personality and/or life of your beloved. Our caskets are personally crafted by an artist, not a mortician. It is our belief that you don’t have to spend loads of money to show the love you feel for someone special.

We use high quality locally available wood like pine, oak and ash. The interior and exterior of all caskets, except for cremation caskets, are sprayed with a high quality finish. The exterior of an urn is finished in the same manner.

Because the interiors of our caskets are beautifully finished, they don’t require the material finishes that are seen in other caskets, however a neutrally colored mat and pillow is provided with all of our caskets. It has been our experience that the bedding is usually adequate if you use a favorite blanket and pillow of your loved one. This also offers a satisfying measure of closure.

Our caskets are designed and made so that customization of a casket is added at the time the casket is needed. We request a 24 hour notice to add any customization that has been prearranged. Because we make caskets using this process, storage is not necessary. You can also choose to purchase and store the casket yourself. We carry a small inventory for those who have more immediate needs.

We know it feels strange to talk about buying a casket or urn before it is needed. Keep in mind that by pre-buying this helps control your funeral costs and you are able to choose and customize the casket or urn that you want.

All caskets are custom made so please contact us for a quote. Prices range from $1200 - $2800. Delivery within a 50 mile radius is free. We will deliver to funeral homes.

Thank you for your patience, this website is a work in progress. Check back often to see other products as pictures become available.

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Pine Trees 3D - CNC Engraving

Voices on Mainstreet - A Simple Pine Box, April 20, 2009

A Simple Pine Box was recently featured in WDAY News!

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